African Spells and charms

African Spells and charms are still widely used in Africa and in South Africa. The tokoloshe and various other evil beasties still roam this dark continent. There are not a few – but many, many people who still use magic and make use of the local witch doctor. Belief that other people put spells on them, and use muti charms, is a part of African lives – even Christian Africans still hold these beliefs – managing quite successfully, to juggle these conflicting cultural anomalies. People carry charms and muti on their person – charms for protection, charms for wealth and charms for good luck. African charms and muthi take many forms – animal parts, plants that are considered powerfull or sacred and bones from humans and animals.

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Tokoloshe Charm

Even the totsies (criminals) consult a witch doctor before heading out to do their dirty work. Witch doctors – at a hefty price, will give you a charm that protects you from bullets – and I tell you what – if you look how successful crime is in South Africa – maybe these charms work. Maybe our police chief in South Africa should get in on the act.While the courts turn a blind eye toward practitioners that sell such muti – my thought is that they are complicit in the crimes that are committed when using such tribal witchcraft – surely they are an accessory to the crime – they must have prior knowledge which make them an accomplice. The tokoloshe charm depicted in the picture is made of sterling silver – and it is not a tokoloshe – it is a charm to help chase the tokoloshe – notice the large all seeing eyes, and the fact that he is holding his own tail – which symbolises the the fact that the power is within – that we control our lives and our destiny. Many African will still make their beds higher off the ground using bricks or paint tins – the belief is that because the tokoloshe is a small creature he will be unable to reach them. Although many people believe in the tokolosh, there are very few who will profess to have seen one – but many who will lay the blame for their bad luck or stupidity at the door of the tokoloshe.

White people in Africa do not follow most of these beliefs – while we may wear  African silver charms on silver charm bracelets – it is certainly not to stop bullets. Most westerners wear charms only for their aesthetic appeal – or as a reminder or token of the places that they have visited. In saying that many westerners do believe in good luck charms or good luck tokens.

In South Africa witch doctors ans sangomas ply their trade openly – offering remedies and spells for virility, aids cures, love potions and many more. It is quite common for a person to buy a spell to cause the downfall or harm to another – even the national soccer team consults with a sangoma before playing – all the while professing their belief in a Christian God. You can get a spell or potion for just about anything and the trade in muti is huge – some of it in animal body parts, and even in human body parts. (there are many documented cases of body parts like tongues going missing off corpses at the morgues – virgins are used to cure aids and all sorts of diabolical mutilations happen in the name of muti. Animals used in muthi include hedgehogs, rhino horns and the like – the trade in muthi is even causing some animals to reach the endangered species lists. Muthi is generally worn around the waste on a string with a small bag attached – it is also worn on the upper arm, also on a string. The muti will be worn until the problem has passed – and the cost of such muti depends on the sangoma or witch that prepared it – it can be hellishly expensive for powerful muti – upwards of 10 000 rands. Buying an African charm, or spell has never been easier - trawl the net and see how many sites are offering spells and curses – time to get rid of that annoying neighbour!

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